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At its most basic level mindfulness is about learning to live in the present moment. Studies suggest that on average we live almost half of our waking hours inside our own heads, worrying about an imagined future or dwelling on things that have passed, all of which are simply memories or imagination, but we turn these thoughts into feelings and we can start to feel worried, sad and even depressed.

Mindfulness teaches us to pay attention to what is actually going on right now and soon we begin to realise that our thoughts are not real things and we can become human beings rather than human doings.

At wellbeingmind we specialise in teaching simplicity, with mindfulness practices that you can apply in your life every day, to bring about a mentally quiet, clear and emotionally calm state.


Much has been written about the benefits that a regular mindfulness practice can bring. The NHS encourages us to pay more attention to the present moment as a way to improve our mental wellbeing.

Mindfulness is recommended by the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence (NICE) as a way to prevent depression in people who have had three or more bouts of depression in the past.

Professor Mark Williams states that mindfulness has the ability to put you back in control of your life, bringing about a long-term change in your mood and level of happiness and wellbeing.

Have a look at the following questions, if you answer yes to any of them, mindfulness could be of benefit to you;

  1. Do you feel stressed?
  2. Do you find it hard to relax?
  3. Are you sometimes unkind to yourself?
  4. Do you have too many negative thoughts?
  5. Is your head constantly full of internal chatter?
  6. Do you find it difficult to concentrate or really focus?
  7. Does your mind feel agitated and you find it hard to sleep?
  8. Do you ignore your own intuition in favour of listening to others?
  9. Do you feel unduly rushed and under constant relentless time pressure?
  10. Do you find it difficult to let go of feelings of anger, resentment or irritation?

Our full 6-week series costs £30, this includes 40 minutes of mindfulness practice, teaching, and poems. The classes are repeated 4-nights per week, so that you can join on an evening that suits you.

You can register for any of our upcoming 6-week series, by using the ‘book now’ button, once you have paid, we will send you a link to Zoom.

If you have not used Zoom before, you will need to install it here: www.zoom.us

Yes, each series lasts for 6-weeks, you need to register and pay in advance and then you can join any session during any week.

Yes, all of our classes are live.

We do not record the classes, however as we repeat them over 4-evenings, we hope that you find a class that works for you each week.

We take credit and debit card payments as well as payments using your PayPal Account. Just follow the booking process through to the payment page.

We can also take Bank Transfer. If you wish to use this method please send an email to info@wellbeingmind.co.uk

What People Say...

'Sharon and Sarah’s Mindfulness at Home sessions were the most perfect ending to each day, bringing us into the moment with loving kindness and a wee bit of peace and calm - especially in the middle of those dark lockdown days! Also, as someone who is completely new to Mindfulness and yet is now studying to teach it to others, linking in to those sessions has been very helpful and supportive - it’s good to see how it should be done by those two amazing ladies! Huge thanks and loving kindness to Sharon and Sarah.

Marion Hutchinson

Thank you so much for yet another wonderful 6 week course. As always so thought provoking and interesting as well as relaxing and insightful

Lisa Dengate

I've done several mindfulness courses with Sharon and always enjoy the half hour of peace and quiet. I love the classes being on zoom, rather than having to drive to a venue etc. If you have ever wondered about mindfulness, give it a go.

Helen Elliot

I really value theses Mindfulness sessions. Just that 30 minutes a week makes such a difference to me, and encourages me to try to keep things in perspective. Sharon and Sarah are a great support, particularly in these challenging times of the pandemic. I can’t wait for the next course!

Hilary Vit

Fantastic experience with wellbeingmind. Highly recommended in this stressful world. We all need to relax and reflect.

Patricia Mclaughlan

Great 30 mins breathing space for beginners and experienced meditators alike !

Steph Maguire

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