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Excerpts from our 'Stay At home' weekly sessions

Fear & Anxiety


Understanding our fear and anxiety 

Returning to our breath and accepting the truth

Try out some simple breathing exercises




A beatutiful meditation for nurturing self-compassion and developing compassion for others 

Settling In


Try this short settling in meditation designed to bring about a mentally calm state

5 minutes 42 seconds

7 minutes 41 seconds

14 minutes 25 seconds

14 minutes 



A meditation by our guest speaker

Mark Swinson

Gentle noting of sensations, feelings or thoughts

Including the 'Petal Practice'

14 minutes 10 seconds 

Seated Body Scan


Synchronise the mind and body with this lovely body scan 

14 minutes 10 seconds 

Weather map of the mind


'Behind every dark cloud is an ever-shining sun. Just wait, in time the cloud will pass' Marianne Williamson

Feet, Seat & Hands


A meditation by our guest speaker

Steve Ware

"I want to learn to live in the moment - just not this moment!"

15 Minutes

Loving Kindness


When we feel love, it opens up the huge expanse of our minds to experiences and challenges; we feel that we can overcome anything, we start to focus on the positive rather than the negative. 

12 Minutes 14 seconds

5 core senses


A meditation by our guest speaker

Dr Suchita Karthik

An informal meditation practice that you can use anywhere

14 Minutes 12 seconds

Shine the light of awareness


An excerpt from the final session in this series. Shining our inner light of awareness

11 Minutes 8 seconds

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