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Mental Wellbeing at Work

With todays new ways of working, the lines between work and home life, for many people, are starting to blur.

People are increasingly feeling isolated as they spend more and more time away from the office, working independently in make-shift home offices.

It is also easy to see why many people can start to feel overwhelmed, not only with the volume of work, but the added expectation of being available anytime and anywhere.

Is it any wonder people are finding it increasingly hard to 'switch off'?


In 2020, many employers are seeing an increase in stress related absence. Mood disorders such as anxiety and depression are becoming the main reason for people taking time off work.




Supporting employees and colleagues at this time can be difficult, as in many workplaces the only contact is online.


The good news is that there are plenty of tools and techniques we can use to support each other, even when we cannot meet face to face.


Many employers are now supporting employees by implementing;


Mental Health First Aiders. Selected employees who are trained in how to spot the signs of mental ill-health and help people find the support they need.


Mental Health Awareness courses for all employees to increase knowledge in mental health and mental health issues and learn how to start a conversation with someone about their mental health.


Mindfulness in the workplace sessions to help employees use mindfulness techniques to master peak levels of stress and provides an ability to recharge quickly and build personal resilience


For more information on how to support your employees;


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'It is time to address mental well-being in the workplace'

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