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Mindfulness, Meditation and Yoga specialists 

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At its most basic level mindfulness is about learning to live in the present moment. Studies suggest that we spend an average of 43% of our waking hours, inside our own heads, worrying about an imagined future or dwelling on things that have past. We turn these thoughts into feelings, and we can start to feel worried, sad or even depressed. If we spent more time paying attention to what is actually going on right now, we start to realise that our thoughts are not real things.


At wellbeingmind we specialise in teaching simplicity, with mindful practices that you can apply in your life everyday, to bring about a mentally quiet, clear and emotionally calm state.


We offer a range of ways to learn and practice Mindfulness;

  • Taster Sessions - 1 hour introduction
  • Classes - Group 6 Week Course
  • Workshops - Half Day and Full Day Retreats
  • One to One - Private 8 Week Course
  • Corporate Sessions - Stress management and mindfulness to improve focus and productivity 


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